"I have worked with Darell and the guys at ITi for just over a year now and I have to say that they have been a pleasure to work with. Not only have they been very keen to understand our business, but they've worked meticulously to solve any IT problems we've thrown at them.

One thing that is very important to me when working with external teams is professionalism and loyalty and ITi have always maintained this despite being given some impossible projects to work out.

I have no doubt that we will continue to work with ITi in the future."

Patrick Leighton - Linards Ltd, Design and Print Studio, Hertfordshire

About IT-initiative

The inspiration and initiative to provide solutions to
business critical problems at business saving cost

Too many companies spend too much money on systems, software and services that they do not utilise to their full extent - the concept behind IT-initiative is to provide solutions that address the exacting needs of each individual organisation, in such a way that the organisation is given a solution that covers their requirements, helps them to align to the standards of their industry, and to grow, expand and adapt without technological restraint.

Technological roots, integrated future

IT-initiative started out in 1999 as a way for a group of independent IT consultants to pool their resources and expertise to offer additional services the their existing client base. Through ongoing discussions with their clients it was quickly realised that to keep their businesses running and growing, the majority of their customers needed many of the features and services that were only available from software packages and systems that were well beyond their reach.

This team of consultants, who in their own rights had already been producing cost-effective but often bespoke solutions for their clients, realised the need for standards-based scalable solutions that addressed the needs of both the smaller and larger business, integrated fully with the client's existing systems and with the systems of their partners and clients, had the adaptability to grow and change to the future requirements of the business, and still realised a substantial saving and return on investment.

Formalisation and organisation

With the continued growth and variation of IT-initiative and its clients growing requirements and variety of needs, 2006 saw some fundamental changes to the organisation. IT-initiative was moved from simply being a cooperative partnership to that of a self-contained company, and more formal requirements were introduced regarding the training and deployment of staff.

Although each consultant was already expert in their relevant fields, they have also been independently certified, and as such hold qualifications from well renowned organisations including Cisco, Watchguard, Hipcom and Trend Micro, thus formalising their expertise gained over the years. Our programmers are formally trained and certified in their various languages and platforms, and electronics engineers hold various Diplomas and Degrees in their respective fields.


It-initiative specialises in not being tied to a single area or size of business. With many of our core clients being small businesses or start-ups, small or single instance contracts are taken on and progressed with the same enthusiasm and professionalism as our larger, multi-site or repeat contracts.

With recent and current projects and contracts ranging from website design and cost-effective systems for one-person start-ups, to multi-site EPOS systems and bespoke fibre-optic monitoring systems,
IT-initiative prides itself on being the only IT specialists your organisation needs.

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