"I have worked with Darell and the guys at ITi for just over a year now and I have to say that they have been a pleasure to work with. Not only have they been very keen to understand our business, but they've worked meticulously to solve any IT problems we've thrown at them.

One thing that is very important to me when working with external teams is professionalism and loyalty and ITi have always maintained this despite being given some impossible projects to work out.

I have no doubt that we will continue to work with ITi in the future."

Patrick Leighton - Linards Ltd, Design and Print Studio, Hertfordshire

Hosted Services - Increased Productivity Without Legacy Cost

IT-initiative offer a number of services as Hosted Solutions, benefiting organisations that:
  • are spread over a large geographic area
  • do not want the depreciation issues involved in owning their own solution
  • do not have or want the resources required in supporting an on-site solution
  • have a continuously changing dynamic

Hosted Solutions

VoIP Telephony
Hosted VoIP Telephony gives you a totally flexible set-up, without the expensive investment or messy installation, allowing you and your business to work smarter and look more professional. Hosted VoIP Telephony connects remote users such as homeworkers or remote offices to your central phone system, meaning anyone anywhere can be contacted by their extension, no matter where they are. You can choose who answers your calls, based on IVRs, time of day, or even just who's available!

Dictation and Transcription
Our hosted dictation and transcription service, VoText, is a fairly new offering that came about as a natural extension to our speech-to-text service within our hosted PBX solutions. Offering realtime or batch conversion, VoText can understand multiple languages and speakers, and has a simple API for integration into your own systems. More information is available in our VoText Overview flyer

Email and Groupware
We have a number of hosted email solutions available, from simple webmail to hosted groupware solutions including Zimbra and MS Exchange.

Customer Resource Management (CRM)
Web-based access provides high-adoption and fast ROI - Access your CRM data from a web browser, anywhere - even at the client's location. When used in conjunction with our hosted VoIP Telephony solution, you have a completely globally distributable sales force without the expense of setting up permanent remote offices. This combination regularly demonstrates its capabilities when used by clients at temporary locations such as trade shows, seminars etc.

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