"I have worked with Darell and the guys at ITi for just over a year now and I have to say that they have been a pleasure to work with. Not only have they been very keen to understand our business, but they've worked meticulously to solve any IT problems we've thrown at them.

One thing that is very important to me when working with external teams is professionalism and loyalty and ITi have always maintained this despite being given some impossible projects to work out.

I have no doubt that we will continue to work with ITi in the future."

Patrick Leighton - Linards Ltd, Design and Print Studio, Hertfordshire

LAN, WAN, Converged, SAN and Wireless Network Design services

Moving to a new office?

Need to upgrade your existing network?

Organisations can realise big benefits from the right networking solution. The question is what network is right for your business? LAN, WAN, converged, SAN, Wireless? The options are many. Is it "future-ready" and cost-effective to support your business growth? The networking decisions you make today affect your operational and financial efficiencies tomorrow, and in the future.

IT-initiative will determine the optimal network infrastructure for your business with the speed, convenience and security you expect. Our Total Cost of Ownership methodology ensures that your network infrastructure is reliable, flexible and scalable with the flexibility to rapidly integrate new and existing technologies.

Detailed Assessment of Network Configuration and Performance

As computers and applications are changed in a complex network, the network's ability to meet performance standards can be challenged. A detailed examination of the configuration, of both the hardware and software components, can uncover these challenges before they cause business problems.

Complete Network Hardware and Software Design, Configuration, and Implementation

Whether an entirely new network is being contemplated or changes are needed in an existing network, we design and build crafted solutions using industry standard best practices. Because these solutions are delivered fully documented, future design modifications to the network are already in progress.

Network Modification Design and Change Management

Complex networks calling for frequent changes present their own business challenges. The method by which the changes are determined, tested, and implemented itself requires design. We bring over a decade of experience in managing rapidly changing environments to keep the process of network change from impacting business processes.

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